10 Most Spoken Languages of the World

10 most spoken languages of the world

Here is the list of the 10 most spoken languages This article deals with the 10 most spoken languages all over the world. The study of language can reveal telling details of humankind. How people speak is not only a reflection of their culture but actually plays a part in forming that culture. It is …

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Chanakya Philosopher

Chanakya was a political science and economics professor at Takshashila University. He was also a royal advisor, philosopher and competent teacher of his times. The credit of mentoring Chandragupta Maurya and helping the Mauryan Dynasty to establish their empire too goes to him. Being a prolific proponent of political realism in the country, he is …

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To know about Cultural conflicts in Business

This post explains the cultural conflicts in business. Since the beginning of human civilization, culture and communication are far closely related. When at least two civilizations collide in any business transaction, it is constantly inescapable to have challenging communication or an easy failure to convey completely. Let’s take China and USA as examples since both …

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