10 Ways How To Speak Like A Boss

By reading this article you can learn how to speak like a boss   Today’s leader has to have a global mindset because in today’s world. Many companies and businesses are in a multi-national management orientation that requires a new set of norms, rules, roles and networks to develop the communication habits of successful people. …

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10 Best Apps for Global Communication

10 Best App for Global Communication

The days of telephones and letters are over. Technology has advanced at a firestorm pace, and left inefficient means of contact scorched in its wake. There has never been a time when it has been so easy to reach out to anyone in the world, and not even individuals, but huge groups of people at …

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10 ways to improve your communicative competence

What is communicative competence? It is just a fancy term that means how good you are at communicating. Communicative competence is critical in all communications, being measured by the amount of information that the speaker is able to accurately get across to their audience. Simply put, it is whether or not one is able to …

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9 types of intelligence

Descriptions of the 9 types of intelligences

This article explains the 9 different types of intelligences that have humans have. In other words, there are various types of smartness in us. Read more.. There are 9 different types of intelligence communication methods that the humans possess. Actually, there could be more but these following 9 intelligences have been recognized: Natural, Musical, Logical-Mathematical, …

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