About us

We are a Global Communication Academy

Essentially, COMMUNICATORZ is about becoming the best communicator that is humanly possible. 

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Our site provides information about all different aspects of communication and we have a professional outlook in life, we are interested in public speaking in the form of presentations, in interpersonal communication and in cross-cultural communication. 

We believe that no matter which your current skill-level is – it is possible to improve in all aspects of life by finding right information, by tracking and measuring individual progress and by getting good feedback.


Communicatorz is a global communication academy with Headquarters in Hong Kong. We are part of Future Communication Systems (F-COMSYS LTD), and our goal is to help people build confidence in different aspects of communication. We are set up to embrace and share the responsibility of developing smart and industrious global citizens. At Communicatorz Academy, we focus on

  • Developing our clients through high-level communication
  • Enhancing communication learning through interpersonal communication and cross-cultural communication systems
  • Providing creative and rich communication contents


We work with you to improve your communication skills and put everything in place to ensure that we bring out the best in you. Through unique communication contents, careful analysis, and open collaboration, we can help you with level communication skills that produce consistent and reliable results.


Our highly qualified teams of instructors were carefully selected for their proven performance, impressive track records and voracity for communication excellence. We strive for high-level communication excellence, and our clients expect us to provide them the communication skill which will make it possible for them to achieve success in all areas of their life. Our instructors will collaborate and partner with you to provide the high level of communication you needed to succeed in every area. This further helps our clients to build confidence and their communication skills.


At Communicatorz Global Communication Academy, our vision is to provide the most cutting edge high-level communication training of high value that will make our clients feel renewed and pampered.