Global Communication Academy

Cutting edge training

We are a global communication academy and we offer different courses to clients who want to transform their skills to the leading edge of the Internet era. The long-range of business solutions cover an array of needs.

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What We do

We transform people and organizations to new levels of global competence.


Our mission is simple, transform persons and organizations into high-level communication practitioners. The content is tailor-made for professionals, such as sales persons, marketing people, customer service agents and consultants.. We also provide useful information for learning new skills, like learning new languages and we are specialized in cross-cultural issues, such as intercultural leadership, cross-cultural competence and can also provide tailor-made cross-cultural  workshops and sales-training..

Our customers report expanded boundaries.

Become a part of the success..

We, the people, are the glue, in this interconnected world & COMMUNICATORZ connects you with the world in those ways that are needed. 410

Our range of work is ranging from complex tailor-made BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, specialized in digital works and technology,